5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth With Elf on the Shelf

5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth With Elf on the Shelf

Getting your kids to brush their teeth is difficult but we’ve found a trick that can help you out this holiday season with the help of a very mischievous elf. We’re giving you 5 tips to get your kids to brush their teeth more by using elf on the shelf!

Tip 1: Write “Don’t forget to brush” on your child’s sink in toothpaste. Place the elf on the sink next to it with his hands around the open tube of toothpaste. Add “Clean this up before Mom sees” to get your child to take care of the mess!

Tip 2: Play a little hide and seek with your child’s toothbrush. Hide it along with the elf. Try hanging them from the Christmas tree, stashing them in the cereal box or resting them in your child’s toy box. Make sure to put a cap on your child’s brush to keep it sanitary.

Tip 3: Use dental floss to create a zip line for your naughty elf. Tie one end around a towel rack and the other around the shower rod. Attach the doll to the line with a note taped to his back that says, “Flossing can be fun. Ahhh”

Tip 4: Have your elf jumping right over a pile of presents with some ripped paper, for some extra fun! Use floss as the “bungee cord”.

Tip 5:Have another toy – like the tooth fairy – tie up your elf with dental floss with a note reminding your children to floss!

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