5 Tips for Better Breath

It’s one thing to wake up with unpleasant breath in the morning, but persistent bad breath isn’t something that should become normal. Halitosis is a condition that is not uncommon; around 25% of the population of the United States has some degree of bad breath....

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The Dentist When She Takes Off Her Mask

Ever wonder what makes the person behind your dentist? Take a look at Dr. Colleen Carter’s interview with colleague Erin Bradley to find out a little bit more about her experience both in and out of her office. [iframe id=""]...

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Canker WHAT?

Canker SORES! These are the painful little bumps that appear on your gums and the insides of your lips that make things like eating and speaking uncomfortable. Getting these sores can be linked to many different causes, like stress, hormone changes, bacteria, and hereditary factors....

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