Feel Good About Choosing a Dentist Who Serves

Feel Good About Choosing a Dentist Who Serves

As a healthcare provider it seems that there exists a wide diversity of ways to give back to those in need. Though many forms of service require traveling to another country or community, it’s also possible to serve those right in our backyard. That’s the opportunity that the Dental Lifeline Network strives to provide to dentists throughout the United States. The goal of this organization is to bring together dentists and dental laboratories to provide care to individuals who are disabled, over the age of 65, or medically fragile.

Dr. Carter’s office participates in the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, a branch of the Dental Lifeline Network in Colorado. Through this program she is able to view a give comprehensive care to eligible patients. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a total oral reconstruction, Dr. Carter creates a unique treatment plan for each patient she sees through the DDS program. All the work done by Dr. Carter and her team is free of charge, and it happens right in her office!

Last year 695 volunteer dentists from Colorado provided care to 493 patients who were either disabled, elderly, or medically fragile and cannot afford the dental attention they need. This year there are 792 other dentists who have joined Dr. Carter in serving the Colorado community. The DDS program brings so much positivity to Dr. Carter and her team, and it’s one of their favorite ways to give back to the Denver area. Next time you’re in for a visit, congratulate Dr. Carter on her service to those who are often overlooked!

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