Grill Up Some Sweet American Treats

Grill Up Some Sweet American Treats

After a truly sweet Fourth of July holiday, you may be feeling a bit of a sugar overload. With popsicles, ice cream, and homemade apple pie, this yearly celebration is full of added sugar that is more than most of us normally eat at once. Desserts aren’t the only things that contain this added sweetness in our summer diets. One sugar-filled food that sneaks onto our plates in the summertime is barbecue sauce. Did you know that up to a quarter of your bottle of barbecue sauce is artificial sugar? Must be why it makes those pulled pork sandwiches taste so good!

A great way to get your sweet tooth fix in true summertime fashion is to throw your favorite fruits on the grill. Instead of going straight for the cakes and ice creams, use these naturally sweet foods as a substitute. The juices from fruits like peaches and pineapples form an extra sweet layer around the outside. Grilled pineapples can make a great dessert that’s processed-sugar-free. Another way to grill fruits like strawberries, kiwis, or chunks of melon is to create a fruit kabob. Grilled fruits taste great by themselves, but try adding them to your salad or your steak for some extra tangy twists on the summer classics.

Fruits still have sugar that can cause problems for your teeth, so just remember to eat these sweets in moderation-and certainly remember to brush your teeth! It’s much better for your overall health to eat natural sugars instead of the processed ones found in most sweets. Another thing you can do to compliment your healthy habits this season is to make an appointment to see your dentist! The team over at Dr. Carter’s office recommends at least one cleaning every 6 months for patients with healthy teeth, and one cleaning every 3 months for patients that need a little extra help getting their smile back on its feet. There’s lots of summer flexibility, so call the office to see when you can bring the whole family in for a check-up!

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