Seal(ant) Your Teeth Off from Cavities

Seal(ant) Your Teeth Off from Cavities

Wish there was a way to seal your teeth from potential bacteria? Look no further! A sealant is a coating usually placed on the surface of back teeth to protect against harmful bacteria. The main purpose of a sealant is to prevent tooth decay, so the earlier the sealant is applied, the better. Though sealants are most frequently used for cavity prevention in children, they can be used as a treatment for patients of any age.

SealantsDental sealants are most effective on the back molars because of their uneven surfaces. Because of its gel-like form, the sealant material is able to fill those nooks and crannies to prevent bacteria from seeping in. The process for sealant application is easy and pain-free, too. The gel comes packaged in small syringes, similar to those used for administering oral medications. Once your dentist dries the surface of your tooth, he or she will push the gel out of the syringe, allowing it to seep into the grooves of your teeth. After a few seconds the gel forms a bond with the surface of the tooth and the remaining sealant is washed off. Although you may notice a sour taste, the process is painless.

Even if you take great care of your teeth, you might find yourself needing a little extra help. Dental sealants won’t guarantee a cavity-free future, but they’ll certainly give you a leg up! Sealants are a great supplement to your normal brushing-and-flossing routine. They do, however, wear off over time, so make sure your dentist checks them during your regular cleanings. The cost of sealants is covered by most dental insurance plans, too. The process of applying sealants is an easy thing to add to your to-do list at your next appointment. Make sure you and your family are protected against tooth decay and add sealants to your treatment plan today!

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