Turkey Day is Upon Us!

Turkey Day is Upon Us!

In the spirit of the holiday that is just around the corner, we thought we’d give you a few tips to maintain those teeth you’re going to need to eat your Thanksgiving feast! Didn’t think Thanksgiving food could be good for your mouth? Think again–take a look at our list of six foods to put on your table to give those chompers a little something extra this holiday season.

1. Turkey. Of course! Turkey is protein-rich, and among other health benefits, it combines with vitamin D and calcium to fortify those pearly whites.

2. Dairy. Bring on the cream in those mashed taters! This is a big contributor to that calcium needed for bone strength in your mouth and elsewhere in your body. It’s low in sugar but it can still be a sweet addition to your Thanksgiving meal.

3. Cranberries. These berries are LOADED with vitamins. They not only strengthen your immune system this time of year, but these acidic little guys also disrupt the environment in your mouth that is conducive to the bacteria that causes cavities.

4. Orange vegetables like carrots, squash, pumpkins, just about anything you can think of to put on your table this Thanksgiving. What makes these veggies so great? They’re jam-packed with vitamin A, which is used to create tooth enamel (your teeth’s outer protection!)

5. Onions. These are best for killing unwanted bacteria that can lead to decay or other infection in your mouth. We’re sure these will be included somewhere in your meal!

6. Pomegranates. Most raw fruits will do, but pomegranates are especially high in vitamin C, a key component in maintaining healthy gums.


From our office to your home, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving! We look forward to seeing you post-stuffing for a cleaning before your holiday season gets too busy.

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