Are You Having Unexplained Tooth Pain?

Are You Having Unexplained Tooth Pain?

Do you have tooth pain that seems to be without a source? What about sensitivity to even slightly warm or cold foods and drinks? Or an ache in a tooth that seems to radiate into your jaw? All of these aches and pains fall under the general category of a toothache. Even if your tooth pain is minor, it can be concerning for you and your dentist.

Diagnosing the exact source of your pain requires a dental exam that may include anything from a visual examination to x-rays. Visual exams can catch issues like cracked teeth and inflamed gums. Several conditions, however, hide underneath the gums and teeth, making them invisible to the naked eye. Some examples are abscesses, root damage, or impacted teeth. X-rays aid in visualizing problems of this sort.

Another common source of tooth pain is tooth decay, also known as a cavity. This condition is easy to diagnose and generally easy to treat. X-rays taken using an x-ray camera or a fluoroscope can diagnose decay on the surface on your teeth. A fluoroscope is a camera-like device that traces over the top of your teeth and causes any cavities to glow green. The information is stored in a digital format that can be easily accessed by you and your dentist.

There can be other causes for tooth pain, too. If you have recently had a procedure such as a root canal, it’s important to keep your eye out for worsening pain or swelling that is not going down. These could be signs of infection and could cause further complications. If experience either of these symptoms, call your dentist immediately. If your dentist is unreachable, go to the emergency room. But if you haven’t had a recent dental procedure, an exam from your dentist is the best way to identify the source of your pain. Dr. Carter’s office is happy to see you as soon as a possible to make you more comfortable and offer a treatment plan to resolve the problem.

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